Fotoshop Gallery

Space: SE Art Space, OCT-Loft, Shenzhen, China Address: 深圳南山区华侨城创意园北区A2栋101 Shop A2-101, North District OCT-Loft

April 13/2018 - May 6/2018

Opening Event:
Friday, April 13 7-10pm

About Concurrence:

“Concurrence” is a photography exhibition organized by ISZAF and curated by Catarina Braga.

With the work of 15 international and local photographers of Shenzhen, the exhibition is conceived as a performative space to see Shenzhen through 32 photographs and everything in-between them.

Facing the impossibility of portraying a city, by the time we make this exhibition, the landscape has already changed.
The photographs can be thought as an extension of the relationship we have with Shenzhen, and therefore, the exhibition becomes itself that extension. It’s a moment to pause and slow down against the speed of this city, a moment of recollection and dialogue — where each photographer has brought these different moments, details, street scenes, cityscapes,… and we can think about the city as an infinity of possibilities.
Each spectator is invited to walk and look through the exhibition, much like each photographer has photographed and walked through the streets of Shenzhen.

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Curated by: Catarina Braga

Produced by: Brittan Aebischer & ISZAF

All photographs are printed and framed by Fotoshop.